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Inspiration for Coral Morphologic begins with the radially-symmetric coral polyp; a life-form that intelligently amalgamates animal, plant, and mineral into a collective unit, and whose life-cycle is controlled by the cosmic synchronicity of the Sun and Moon. Besides humans, corals are the only other animals that have created urban environments on Earth on a scale visible from space. Coral reefs are successful ecosystems where symbiosis, opportunism, and complex interdependence create a harmonic foundation for the evolution and diversity of life. Corals have survived multiple global extinctions over millions of years, and yet man has only been building cities for several thousand, the lifespan of a typical reef. It is the corals' innate ability to morph, adapt, clone, evolve, symbios, and reproduce that inspires us to create our works and share with the world.


Coral Morphologic proposes that unlocking the secrets of coral reproduction and aquaculture is a culminating achievement in humankind's quest for colonization of planet Earth, and is a gateway through which we must pass before expanding our knowledge of unknown worlds. Furthermore and henceforth, symbiosis between corals and humans will be essential for our collective survival in the (accelerating) decades to come. When, and if, Homo sapiens leaves Earth in search of other aquatic planets, corals will be hitchhiking with them.

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