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Coral Morphologic is the leading creator of innovative underwater media chronicling Earth’s imperiled coral reefs. It was founded in 2007 by marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay as a multi­faceted platform for the advancement of symbiosis between humans and coral. Coral Morphologic’s unique methodology blends science and art in a way that enamors popular culture with the beauty of coral while inspiring the next generation to restore the reefs.

Coral City is a VICE Media documentary on the art & science of Coral Morphologic in Miami, Florida

Coral Morphologic’s artwork is informed by a scientific mission to document, aquaculture, and protect Miami’s coral. Marine biological surveys of the City’s urban waterways have thus far yielded four species of soft coral undescribed by science, a powerful anti­cancer compound, and a rare hybrid staghorn. Coral Morphologic hypothesizes that the resilient coral pioneering the seawalls of Miami may hold keys to understanding how reef organisms around the world will adapt to human influence in the 21st century.

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To support Coral Morphologic’s mission, work can be purchased through the online store, or tax-deductible donations can be made through the Coral Morphologic Fund (managed by the nonprofit Miami Foundation)

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